Raven Data Technologies: Your Managed Service Provider & Small Business IT Support in Baltimore, Maryland, DC, VA

Raven Data Technologies is a managed service provider, focusing on small business IT support, cloud computing, and IT department revitalization. We combine our decades of experience with business continuity and risk management with our expertise in IT workflow, data migration, and software deployment to deliver cutting edge business IT solutions. Raven Data Technologies offers various business level IT services and software offerings, such as:

  • managed antivirus, patch, and spam protection
  • remote device monitoring
  • managed offsite backup
  • email migration
  • server redundancy and replication
  • business workflow solutions

We are experts in finding affordable solutions for our diverse customer base, as every small to midsize business can benefit from the cost savings and scalability of managed services and cloud computing. Turn your IT expenditures from capital expenses to a monthly utility with managed services. Remove the management of your telephone and Internet services, mail servers, and other IT headaches from your day. Modernize your small to midsize business with Raven Data Technologies, your cloud computing consultants and managed services provider.

Managed IT Made Simple

Raven Data Tech specializes in modernizing and simplifying your business IT. Our goal is to allow the small to midsize business owner more time to focus on their business goals. Your business running on a modern cloud computing based infrastructure gives you a competitive advantage. Constant IT nuisances such as keeping systems patched and updated, or running virus scans can now be deployed and managed as a service. Raven Data Technologies will become your IT department, and affordably handle your technical managed services.

Featured Services

Internet Services

Raven Data Technologies offers the following Internet services, designed to assist your business in modernizing their web presence, or add additional features to your current business infrastructure »

Managed Business Continuity

Raven Data Technologies provides managed business continuity solutions for all of our customers, big and small. Every business owner knows they need to have effective antivirus protection in place, a »

IT Consulting Services

Our IT consulting services are designed to help small and medium sized businesses adopt cloud technology and managed services with expedience. Our methods deliver innovative business solutions that »

R-Core: Proactive IT Support

R-Core is a managed server and workstation support system for your business. Our technicians become your IT department, or supplement your existing IT department.  R-Core monitors your systems »

Server Virtualization

By leveraging virtualization solutions, companies reduce IT costs in a variety of factors. Virtualization is most often associated with server consolidation. There are a number of benefits »

IT Support Tools

The businesses that use managed services and cloud based infrastructure as IT support tools have lower business expenses. Free up your valuable internal resources from time consuming tasks with »

From Our Leadership

Raven Data Technologies treats all of our customers, no matter the size, as our number one priority. We enjoy solving our customers IT problems, or helping an expanding small business grow into the cloud. We take the time to examine your IT needs and provide you with quality products, services, and solutions.

Matt Johnson

Chief Executive Officer

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