Google and Apple Itunes for Business: Work Better Together from Anywhere

More than 5 million businesses have made the move to Google Apps and Apple Itunes for Business to help employees work better together and be more productive, wherever and whenever they work. Google’s solution is cloud-based, which means software updates are as easy as refreshing your web browser. With Google Apps, there are no servers to purchase and maintain, reducing IT cost and complexity. Free iTunes gift card codes are available: iTunes gift card codes that work for real. Gift Cards are the perfect way to suprise your family member, kid or a friend. Everyone has many options how to spend the coupons money on iTunes app store buying apps, music, movies, books.

Google Apps for Business includes secure, reliable workplace tools for email, calendar, text and video chat, document creation, project websites, and online storage and sync, and allows for easy extensibility with hundreds of applications in the Google Apps Marketplace.

Switching to Google Apps is easy for IT and for end-users. With data migration capabilities for all common legacy systems included at no extra cost, companies can transition quickly and with minimal disruption. Google Apps offers users the familiar experiences of Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides and other tools already used by hundreds of millions of people in their personal lives, so minimal training and support are required.

What you get

itunes-gift-card-codes-that-workGmail provides storage for up to 30 GB of email per user, plus advanced spam filtering, lightning-fast message search, integrated text, voice and multi-person video chat and other productivity enhancements such as Priority Inbox. Gmail is accessible securely from almost any mobile device with a data connection, including Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, and Windows Phone.

Google Calendar helps employees organize their schedules and create and manage shared calendars with colleagues. Multiple calendars can be overlaid to view schedules at a glance, and the “Quick Add” feature understands natural language so you can easily create appointments by typing event information into a simple text box. Google Calendar is available from any web browser and works with all major mobile platforms.

Google Drive is the one place to store everything, so you can access the most recent version of your work from anywhere, on any device, including phones and tablets. Each user has 30GB of included storage and can add more as needed. With Drive you can store any file and instantly view common formats including documents, PDFs, images and even videos right in your web browser. Share files or whole folders with individuals or your entire team, and with granular file permissions it’s easy to control who can view, comment on or edit your work.

Itunes Docs brings real-time collaboration to your documents, so you and your team can work on the same document at the same time and get things done faster. Import popular document formats like .doc, .docx and .rtf and add images, tables, equations, drawings, links and more. Social commenting makes it easy to get feedback and approvals from the right people. You can be productive even when you’re away from the office with support for creating, viewing and editing documents on your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone or tablet.

Google Sheets is a powerful spreadsheet editor that lets you crunch numbers together with the whole team at the same time. You can import popular spreadsheet formats like .xls, .xlsx and .csv, and use tools like advanced formulas, embedded charts, filters and pivot tables to get new perspectives on your data. Sheets makes it easy to share lists, manage projects, analyze data and track results together. You can also create, view and edit spreadsheets on your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone or tablet.

Google Slides makes it easy to create beautiful presentations together, with support for things like embedded videos, animations and dynamic slide transitions. You can import popular presentation formats like .ppt and .pptx and when you’re ready to share, you can publish your presentations on the web for customers to view or share them privately with colleagues or partners. When you’re on the go, you can give presentations right on your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone or tablet.

Google Sites lets users create and share project websites and intranet pages without any programming skills or technical support. Sites helps to keep everyone on the same page – literally – by making it easy to centralize and organize team documents, calendars, videos and more. With just a couple of clicks, you can optimize your sites for viewing on mobile phones and tablets as well.

Google+ brings social sharing to Google Apps and helps connect the right people, ideas and information in your organization. Share private posts with your company to ask questions, find experts and get answers or connect with partners and customers outside your company. Follow colleagues to keep track of what they’re working on and create Communities to share ideas with project teams. Google+ also includes Hangouts, which brings online video meetings right to your laptop, phone or tablet so you can join from anywhere. Invite up to 15 participants and work together with screen sharing and collaborative document editing.

Google Apps Vault is a retention, archiving and eDiscovery tool optionally available to Google Apps customers. Vault allows you to manage business critical information and can help you be prepared for the unexpected such as a lawsuit or employee departure. You can reduce time and costs associated with responding to legal discovery requests, audits or internal investigations. If an employee leaves your organization, Vault can help you understand the status of projects and communications they were involved with.

Hundreds of third-party applications available from the Google Apps Marketplace extend Google Apps with capabilities such as CRM, project management, accounting and finance, and sales and marketing tools that work seamlessly with Google Apps, including the ease of single sign-on (SSO) access.

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How companies benefit

Proven productivity gains and cost-savings

Not only can Google Apps save customers the cost and complexity of legacy solutions; our web-based applications also drive proven productivity gains. In fact, with productivity-boosting features like multi-person, real-time collaboration in Google Drive and fast message search in Gmail, the total business value of Google Apps is over 3 times greater than the cost savings alone. According to Forrester Consulting, the ROI of Google Apps is 329 percent, and Google Apps can pay for itself in less than two months. Itunes gift cards are one of the most popular things in the US.

Continuous innovation without upgrade hassles

Google continuously adds functionality to Google Apps, making employees more productive – without the need for system updates, patches or downtime. Google Apps delivered more than one hundred improvements in the last year, at no additional charge and without the complexity associated with traditional software upgrades.

State-of-the-art security and reliability

Millions of organizations (including Google Inc.) trust Google’s infrastructure to keep their most important corporate data safe. Google’s network of data centers is engineered for security, reliability and redundancy, and backed by some of the world’s leading experts in information security. Google Apps includes 2-step verification, a two-factor authentication system that significantly increases protection from unauthorized access to user accounts. With 2-step verification, in addition to their passwords, users are prompted to sign in with a second verification code that is sent to them via their mobile phones. Our security practices are verified by independent 3rd party reviews. Google Apps has completed a thorough SSAE 16 / ISAE 3402 SOC 2 Type II audit. Google Apps is also ISO 27001 certified. To help our customers meet their data protection compliance needs, Google is US-EU Safe Harbor certified and offers model contract clauses as an additional means of compliance with the European Data Protection Directive. Google’s service level agreement (SLA) guarantees 99.9 percent uptime, but our historical uptime rate has been significantly higher than this threshold.


Google Apps makes it easy to run your entire business in the cloud. With the Google Apps Marketplace, you can access a fast-growing collection of hundreds of applications that integrate with your business processes. For example, you can manage your entire sales cycle anywhere you have access to a browser through Marketplace apps: Send marketing and lead-generation emails through MailChimp, manage and track responses with Zoho CRM and even close the sale with an e-signature from EchoSign.

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Seven Tips to Optimize IT by using Managed Services

Having high-end IT equipment, processes and IT personnel is often a pipe dream for resource strapped small businesses.  New computers, updated hardware, backup, maintenance, high end infrastructure and highly trained IT personnel  are all available in a cost effective format to the small business owner.  However, many business owners are missing the boat because they believe that they don’t need or can’t afford a high-end up-to-date IT infrastructure that supports their business.

The new trends in technology offer many cost effective options for businesses:

  1. Workflow systems assist business owners with streamlining their internal operations. Workflow system improvement alleviates unnecessary manual processing, duplication of effort, errors and time among other benefits.  Business enterprises can utilize pay as you go services, software and system that grow, and even shrink as business needs require.  Utilizing pay as you go services and software is also a highly effective way to manage cash flow.
  1. Operational portability allows businesses to operate anywhere they may be and allows businesses to connect with customers, employees, vendors and suppliers while working out of the office or while traveling. Portability and connectivity for a business that relies on field personnel is critical to streamlined efficient operations.  IT services such as a single point shared access and data storage alleviates the need for salespersons to spend office time with paperwork or accessing documents that can be retrieved at any time from any device in a safe and secure networking environment.   Better yet, personnel can update shared documents, access those documents and maintain secure, partitioned data storage that they can access anywhere at any time.
  1. Business continuity is highly applicable to every business enterprise, no matter how small. Better safe than sorry.  More than ever small and mid-sized businesses are susceptible to financial calamities that can bring the business to its knees.  From supply chain disruptions, to natural disasters, fires or simply from critical system failures, deploying business continuity measures is a business 101 concept that is often overlooked.  Data redundancy, scheduled backups and offsite storage can be accomplished on a pay as you go basis.  As your storage needs increase or decrease, you only purchase storage based upon the actual amount of data to be stored and backed up.
  1. Everyone stores data someplace. The question is how safe is your data, how easy is it to retrieve and restore and how current is the data?  Portable hard drives, CD’s, memory sticks and USB drives are all storage devices, but they are all the same when it comes to reliability and accessibility. They are easily lost, corrupted or simply do not contain current enough information to be useful.   For one, they need to be in location outside of your area of disaster.  Two:  they need to contain a very recent back-up of your data; preferably less than a week old, and three: they need to be accessible by more than one person just in case that person isn’t available to obtain the storage device or isn’t available to provide it to someone who will need to restore the information. There are much better ways to store data these days.  In addition to the benefits of offsite storage from a disaster recovery perspective, prudent data storage is about having a regularly scheduled system-wide data back-up plan.   Archived data is an invaluable for research and records retrieval and retention.  If you are in an industry that requires records storage for long periods of time or has a need to store historical information, data storage and archiving need not be a regular manual task.  Utilize managed services to set up your regular data-backup of your data and ensure that it’s readily accessible, safe and secure.
  1. Introducing Bring Your Own Device (“BYOD”) policies are still trending upwards in the business world. It’s cost effective for the employer to allow their employees to bring their own device, however there are some other cost efficiencies to consider.  Security is an issue when employees inter-mingle work and personal communications on a single device.  Failure to employ appropriate security protocols can be a costly error.  Network connectivity and device security is readily available on a pay as you go basis, including various levels and means of establishing secure, partitioned mobile activity.
  1. Desktops and laptops are an expensive asset that is usually out of date by the time it arrives from the manufacturer. An easy way for an enterprise to stay ahead of the technology curve and still save time and money is to virtualize desktops.  No more massive purchases of desktop machines, cataloguing them, leasing them, buying or repairing them.  Virtual desktops are a fraction of the cost of physical desktops.  Further, you can buy as many virtual desktops as you need and when the need increases, it won’t cost you the full cost of a new machine.  When your needs shrink, you can actually shrink your cost and not have storage of unused machines that grow more out of date as they sit and collect dust.  The best news on this point: there is only 1 machine that needs updating and servicing.
  1. Software as a service (“SaaS”) is everywhere. No longer are the days of purchasing software and using it forever, regardless of whatever updates become available.  However, this “old” way is still being used but problems will eventually ensue.  When system hardware manufacturers are constantly updating, old form software will likely become incompatible with newer systems and companion software packages.  SaaS allows software manufactures to keep up with the ever changing hardware specifications and requirements.  SaaS also allows the user access to the most current versions of the software.  Managed service providers can assist the business owner with integrating multiple types of software seamlessly into an infrastructure environment.  In doing so, the business owner can often eliminate redundant, out of date and operationally inefficient software packages and increase productivity in the process.

Raven Data Technologies, Inc. is IT made simple.  We take on the complex problems and develop solutions that simplify life for business owners and their employees.  We take a highly personalized, hands-on approach to managed services, consulting and custom solutions.   If you value personal services, quick turnaround times and having a real, live person pick up the phone when you call, then you are looking for Raven Data Technologies.  Give us a call, you’ll see.

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Top 10 reasons your business should take advantage of Managed Services

A strategy that includes expense management, technology and high productivity, among other things, are the hallmarks of a successful business model.  Today, more and more business owners are looking to technology to provide them the freedom and flexibility to spend their time on mission critical operations rather than spending time on the infrastructure that supports it.  Technology, as a utility to the business owner, is expected to be there when you need it, it is a huge hassle when it’s not there and failing to keep an eye on it can cause multiple expensive problems.   Managed services allow the business owner to set it and forget it.

Here are the top 10 reasons your business should take advantage of Managed Services:

  • Expertise
    • Small and mid-sized businesses often find it difficult to find and retain affordable IT personnel with skill and experience to work with a multitude of technologies that change very rapidly. Managed Services provide a team environment of highly skilled and experienced IT professionals that the business owner might not otherwise have access to.
  • Reduced cost
    • In an effort to remain competitive and survive a tumultuous economic environment, many businesses resort to taking an axe to costs. Managed Services can offer businesses first in class technology that can be deployed expediently and efficiently.  With managed back-up and storage services, businesses benefit from the back end upgrades to hardware owned and maintained by the service provider.
  • Access to new technology, tools and best practices
    • Managed services provides the business owner with a network of expert partners who can provide the industry specific guidance using best in class tools and practices.
  • Cash Flow management – predictable annual budget
    • With the guesswork and surprise of IT expenses taken out of the equation, the Managed Service business model will help businesses to predictably budget for a host of IT services and maintenance costs.
  • Increased Productivity – decreased down time
    • In addition to relieving the IT staff to focus on mission critical functions instead of diagnosing and treating infrastructure problems, Managed Service introduces technologies to the owner that can have a positive effect on work flow ultimately increasing the productivity of staff.
  • Extending infrastructure with monitoring and alerts on critical components
    • Managed Service allows the business owner to take a proactive approach to systems management. The health and maintenance of infrastructure systems and software are critical to keep the business running without interruption.  Managed monitoring and alert service can provide real time information on infrastructure problems.   Regular reports may indicate future problems with equipment that may be experiencing a problem or reaching its end of life.
  • Risk Management
    • Backups, backups, backups.  Business continuity planning isn’t just for the big boys.  A small business is more susceptible to loss and is less likely to have the financial ability to weather a catastrophe.  Managed Services can provide the necessary redundancy to keep your business running even if you have lost all of your data.
  • Instant addition of an entire IT department to your organization
    • Small and mid-sized businesses often have their trusty “IT guy” or employ a small staff to handle break/fix issues, server reboots and software installation. However, Managed Services provides that very same small or mid-sized business with an IT team capable of handling a variety of issues of various levels of complexity.   It doesn’t have to mean full scale outsourcing; it can be augmenting at whatever level you desire.
  • Industry leading consultancy & advice
    • Having a managed service provider is one stop shopping for advice and consult on a broad range of IT related issues. Business owners benefit from the Managed service providers’ network of partners.  The Managed Services’ network of partners vastly expands the breadth and scope of topics and expert advice available.
  • Efficiency
    • Aside from the efficiency of automated “push” down Firmware and software patch and update management, integrated service level agreements across network and IT infrastructure provide yet an even higher level of efficiency available through Managed Services.

Whether your business is facing challenges, is in transition or wants to increase productivity or save money, managed services can benefit your business.    Raven Data Technologies, Inc. is positioned to offer your enterprise personalized service.  Rather than wade through long-winded voice prompts to and frustrating wait times, contact Raven Data Technologies, Inc. to get direct, up-front, accessible support. You are always our most important client.

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Office suits

Raven Data Technologies offers two of the best office software suites on the market for any sized business. From sole proprietorships to large enterprises, our product line is geared with everyone in mind.

Office 365 touts itself as “the same Office you know and use every day”, and Microsoft delivers the familiar features of Outlook, Word, and Excel with this new cloud-computing managed service. Office 365 combines traditional desktop interfaces with the power of cloud computing. Users can access their apps anywhere; a powerful web interface provides users with access to their tools with no loss in the functionality provided in their desktop counterparts. Office 365 is available in six different versions, depending on your specific business needs.

Learn more about Microsoft Office 365 here

Google Apps for Business takes the familiar Gmail and Google Calendar products and surrounds them with easy to use spreadsheet, document creation, and presentation applications. Built in the cloud from the ground up, Google Apps for Business fits easily into your existing business workflow. All of the applications in Google Apps for Business use a browser interface, removing issues with platform-specific versions of office suite software. Google Apps for Business comes in two versions, each providing the familiar Google experience to the user.

Learn more about Google Apps for Business here

How are the two office software suites similar?

Both Google Apps and Office 365 are cloud computing based managed service, with superior uptime, telephone, web, and email support. Each is available via a monthly subscription, the price is based on the number of users. Both office suite’s document file types can be edited by each other, which makes using your existing documents a snap. Microsoft and Google both offer email and file storage options, and all of the user’s documents are synched to domain level cloud servers. Google Apps provides collaboration tools (video conferencing, voice chat, online whiteboard) via the Google Plus social network. Office 365 provides collaboration tools through the Lync application. Both products have online app stores to expand the capability of each offering through addons and custom tools. Microsoft and Google deliver user configuration and management of the office suite in the form of a web-based dashboard interface.

How are the two office software suites different?

Microsoft Office 365 is slightly more expensive, but for the price difference the user gets access to the very familiar Office desktop applications. The desktop versions of the apps provide familiarity to longtime Office suite users. Google Apps for Business is lower in price per user, and is extremely easy to use due to the popularity of the Gmail email application.

Raven Data Technologies will gladly help you choose which office suite is best for your business. Click here to contact a representative today!